We Work Hard & Aim to Please

I flew into San Antonio and walked a distressed property with 7one Prop Group that seemed to have value based on the on line profile , but when looking in person, they pointed out many issues I would not have normally seen. We looked at a couple other properties and while we did not make any investments, they later shared some of the results from their investments and they did really well. Highly recommend 7one to anyone considering working with them, very professional and knowledgeable with a good eye on how to fix up a property.
John L.
I staged one property for the group and it was a great renovation. Made my job very easy as the property had great finishes and was priced wonderfully!
Nadia W.
If you would like to make a great investment in real-estate get help from a professional company like 7one Property Group LLC. I like the returns they have helped me achieve.
Chad L.